Dr. Aaron Massecar

Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy


Dr. Massecar is a co-founder of the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy at Texas A&M, a co-founder of a training program that helps veterinary students tackle financial debt, and a program manager for the Veterinary Innovation Council’s (NAVC) project that focuses on veterinary telehealth.

His PhD research primarily focused on developing effective habits by making small interventions that result in major, long-term changes. He has been able to use this research in his current work with veterinarians looking to adapt to new trends within veterinary medicine.

Dr. Massecar’s work in the veterinary profession was spurred by marrying into the profession; his wife is a shelter veterinarian at the Houston SPCA. This opportunity gave him the ability to focus his efforts on animal welfare and the human-animal bond. He has two dogs and he lives with a cat (nobody owns that cat).