Dr. Caroline Kilsdonk

Ethics: reason or emotion?

Caroline Kilsdonk obtained her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at University of Montreal in 1992. For the following decade, she practiced in a small animal clinic and taught at the college level. She dedicated several years caring for her four children, now adults. Back to school, she obtained a Certificate in Gerontology, a Postgraduate microprogram in Small Animal Medicine and a Master in Bioethics. She’s interested in canine behavior in her practice and gives training on that subject. For some years now, she has been sitting on two ethics committees (a human one and another on the use of animal in research) and she writes an ethics column in the OMVQ magazine “Le Vétérinarius”. In addition to her interest in professional ethics, she is interested in moral emotions and the neurosciences of ethics. She has become the President of the Order of Veterinarians of Quebec (Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec) in June 2017.