Dr. Danielle Lambert

The Power of a Puppy Pic

Danielle K. Lambert is a veterinary practice manager turned social media coach and speaker. In 2012, she founded SnoutSchool.com to teach veterinary hospitals about communicating, educating and connecting with veterinary clients via social media. Danielle has had her marketing advice published in Veterinary Team Brief, and over 2,000 veterinary professionals have accessed her e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook for Veterinary Hospitals. In addition to her work at Snout School, she is the marketing director for DrAndyRoark.com and the Uncharted Veterinary Conference.

Danielle is on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat as @DanielleSnout. She can be reached on Facebook at Facebook.com/SnoutSchool or via email at Danielle@SnoutConsulting.com.