Dr. Évelyne Joubert

An image is worth a thousand words…but what about a video?

Dr. Joubert obtained a Bachelor Degree of Medical Biology at the University of Montreal in 2000. Her love for animals and her passion for medicine joined when she was admitted to the veterinary medicine program at the same university. It was a dream come true when she obtained her Doctorate Degree in 2005.

She worked in veterinary clinics as an animal health technician to be able to pair theory to practice during her university studies. She has practiced for the past several years at Le Gardeur Veterinary Hospital, and is one of the clinic owners. She is presently completing a Certificate in Business Administration at HEC in order to perfect her knowledge throughout this new entrepreneurial challenge.

Dr. Joubert has been well involved within the AMVQ (Veterinarians of Quebec’s Association in Small Animal Practice). She has sat on the Board of Directors from 2009 to 2016 and has held the position of Vice-President for a total of 6 years. She also writes in the AMVQ’s magazine about new veterinary clinics.

Her interests in veterinary medicine are ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery and exotic animal medicine. As a general practitioner, she considers a day being filled up when she had the opportunity to meet patients with fur, feathers, thorns and scales…in addition to doing surgery and a bit of management!