Dr. Julie Beaubien

Complementary medicine in Quebec: where are we at?

Dr. Julie Beaubien completed her studies in Veterinary Medicine at University of Montreal in 2005. She then traveled to France to study veterinary osteopathy and acupuncture at IMAOV (Veterinary Institute of Alternative and Osteopathy Medicine) from 2005 to 2007. Upon her return, she practiced small animal medicine for 4 years and offered osteopathy and acupuncture treatments to her canine, feline and equine patients. Since 2012, she only practices osteopathy and acupuncture for cats, dogs and horses. In 2015, she coordinated the IMAOV’s visit to Quebec to offer osteopathy and acupuncture training to Quebec veterinarians. As of that date, 18 veterinarians have completed their osteopathy qualification, 15 are completing their acupuncture course and a 2nd cohort will be starting an osteopathy class in August 2017. She recently founded an alternative veterinary medicine association, the AVMAC (Association des Vétérinaires en Médecine Alternative et Complémentaire) with the goal of promoting these types of therapies to the public and veterinarian community.