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Dr. Christine Carle

Change: how to adapt and participate actively!

Graduated from the University of Montreal in 1987, Dr. Carle founded the Victoria Veterinary Hospital (Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria) of Saint-Lambert in 1994 after working in different hospitals. The hospital will grow throughout the years towards becoming a vast multidisciplinary team passionate about animals and on the lookout for medical discoveries and advances in the veterinary world. She presently owns 5 hospitals known for the rigor of their medicine and for a highly empathic clientele service.

From the day of her graduation, she shows a strong interest for surgery, area where she excels and distinguishes herself till today. Internal medicine, particularly endocrinology, is also a passion for her.

Young business woman and veterinarian, she has participating in the training of numerous student and young graduates, several of which are part of her team today. Her love for small animals and her generous support of their owners have participated in making her reputation in the veterinary world.

Dr. Maxime Meunier

Be a better veterinarian by being a better entrepreneur

Doctor Meunier obtains his diploma from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Montreal in 2011. From 2012 to 2016, he undertakes a Master of Business Administration at the University of Laval. As of 2013, his objective is to allow veterinarians and animal health technicians to work while maintaining full control of their schedule. This leads him to found VetRéseau, a veterinarian staff placing business. Three years later, he has become the largest Quebec veterinarian and technician employer. He continues to grow his enterprise through offering to veterinary clinics a complete digital marketing service. This is motivated by his goal of improving the financial conditions of veterinarians. Doctor Meunier is also, in parallel to his management activities, an executive member of The Executive Committee, TEC- Canada, where he obtains a solid continuing education in business administration.